Thursday, July 21, 2011

Computer Repair Centers - 101

If your computer is running slow, broken, or just not working the way you want, computer maintenance and checkups are as important as getting your car looked at.

Computer Repair Centers serve several purposes
  • Diagnose and Fix Hardware and Software Problems
  • Serve as Training Centers for Computer Users
  • Fix Your Computers at Reasonable Prices
  • Hired Computer Experience
 You should try your best to troubleshoot your problems, however, a if you're unable to solve your problems, it's a good idea to consult a computer expert on your issue. Computer repair stores are
in almost every city, so finding a decent one is fairly easy.

Some Examples of Computer Repair Service Google Searches:
  • Denver Computer Repair
  • Denver Virus Removal
  • Parker Virus Removal
It's best to find a local computer repair store in order to fix your problems. While there are major brands out there, they typically make their money off software sales rather than actually fixing your problems. They pair up with software companies in order to try to push sales, as to where your local mom-and-pop store typically will fix your problem and keep you happy without the sales pitch.

Pricing and Costs
Computer Repair Stores are typically cost efficient and very affordable. However, be sure to get a quote for your service upfront. This way you know exactly what it is you're paying. Do a little bit of research. Check out the cost of the hardware you're looking to replace. For example, if your harddrive died, try checking on websites like NewEgg to be able to compare what your quote is and what the cost of the hardware is.

Pricing typically runs by the hour, however, some services offer pricing by the job, or by book hours. Like taking your car to the mechanic, there will be parts and labor that is typically involved in a repair. Typically, repairs cost around $50-$75 depending on the level of complexity and time involved in the repair.

The level of complexity goes up when you have a laptop, for example. Desktop computers are relatively easy to access and fix, but laptops are slightly more complex to get into the internals of the computer.

How long does it take?
Computer repairs typically do not take too long, however, depending on your problem, there may be some part orders that will take some time to get. Computer repairs will rarely take longer than two weeks. If your computer repair is urgent, be sure to let whoever is taking care of your computer know, and they will expedite your repair. Most problems, however, can be fixed in 24-48 hours. 

Quality of Service
Be sure to read about your computer shop. Much like with a car, some people are just out to make some money and don't care too much about their public image. Do some research online and find some reviews of services. Most PC repair stores are happy to explain to you the costs involved up front, and will tell you exactly what is being done.

Focus Computer Repair is an expert computer repair shop located in the Denver area. If you're interested in learning more, check out their Denver Computer Repair website or go ahead and give them a call!

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